Graphic Gaelic.

A spin off from an established Ottawa financial services company looking to bring their existing clients wealth management solutions.

Role Project Team
Solutions Logo Design
SONA Wealth Counsel logo overlayed on a photo of a retired couple happily looking over a coastline


To craft a logo design that positions SONA Wealth Counsel as a leader in Ottawa’s wealth management sector, while maintaining continuity with the well established sister company, Ryan Lamontagne Inc.

The Details.

SONA Wealth Counsel is a discretionary and holistic wealth management for emerging affluent households in Ottawa, SONA wanted a logo design that embued both a sense of modernity but was rooted in a sense of tradition. Tradition arose from their name "Sona" which is Gaelic for happy, fortunate, good fortune, and well-being. Modernity was a necessary element as they wanted to be seen as being on the forefront of wealth management practices.

Overall, SONA was aiming for a feeling of well being and assurance in their quality, while needing continuity with Ryan Lamontagne Inc. as SONA is acting as a business unit or sister company. We relied on a Gaelic triskelion symbol within a triangle (3 also recurred continuously in Gaelic imagery). The three sides of the triangle is a call to Ryan Lamontagne Inc., the parent company as well as representing the bringing together of themselves, their client, and the client's wealth aspirations.

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