Good Design Makes Your Small Business Better

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Photo by Joshua Coleman

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or self-employed, you're known for wearing a lot of hats —you’re responsible for sales, bookkeeping, managing vendors, making coffee, cleaning, and marketing (such as writing posts like this one). Wearing these hats is part of the exciting and fun challenge of going it on your own!

Wearing many hats is often an advantage —you become deeply connected to your business and its needs, and you know where every dollar is going. Unfortunately, in some ways it also puts you at a disadvantage. For instance, in looking for ways to save money you can overburden yourself with work that could often be delegated. This is especially true of technical or creative work like logo and graphic design.

Humans are creative and want to find meaning in things, but we're not all capable of crafting this innate ability into effective design for our businesses. Professional designers on the other hand, have years of education, experience, and technical know-how to craft your business ideas into good design.

With this in mind, we'll look at how good design can help make your business better and why you might want to consider hiring professionals for your design needs. Now, let's get to it.

Invest Now, Save Later

A smart way to look at good design is that it’s an investment in the future of your business.

If you buy inexpensive office furniture because of its low price point, you save money at first, but every few years you will need to purchase replacement pieces because of the cheaper materials or manufacturing process. This can often end up costing you more than if you originally bought quality pieces in the first place.

The same goes with design. If you cut corners on the development of your brand identity, logo design, website, or marketing materials you may be saving money at first. However, when you decide to scale your business, expand your marketing efforts, or move locations you will need to spend time or money redesigning or refreshing your visuals.

Professional designers can help prevent this unnecessary repetition because they understand what questions to ask, what tools to use and they know the principles that underpin good design. Working with a professional means getting it done right the first time. Good design takes time, effort, and yes… money. But by investing in good design in the beginning, you’ll be saving money in the long run and ensuring memorability, longevity, and effectiveness in design that matches your brand.

More Time to Do Business

If there’s one unyielding argument for why you should hire a professional designer, it’s this: doing so will allow you to focus on doing business.

Markets are competitive and most are filled with the noise of mediocre design. Finding a way to rise above the pack is important and good design is a great way to stand out!

Designers can help you discover new ways to tell your brand story, concentrate ideas into visuals, and build up your business's brand. The creative process that leads to good design can be slow and methodical, which takes you away from your core business.

Professional designers, on the other hand, have no problem dedicating the necessary time solving these issues for your small business —after all, it’s what they're awesome at! Embrace the creative process that can be undertaken by professional designers and you’ll be amazed by what they come up with and so will your audience!

Masters of Their Domain

If small business owners are known for wearing multiple hats, designers are particularly important to your business because they’re known for their one —nifty— hat! It is like the saying you can be a jack of all trades or a master of one. When it comes to crafting effective design and converting more prospects to customers, you want a master's help!

Good design isn’t just about making your logo, website, or marketing materials look nice. The expertise that designers bring to the table is more about understanding and harnessing design elements that will work most effectively for your audience.

Most people think of designers as doers; folks who create and write and make things pretty. But first and foremost, they're researchers. Professional designers start by asking questionslots of questions— and listening to your needs and finding pain points. As well, to better understand the environment your business is in, they seek to understand the market and determine best (and worst) practices, consumer expectations and needs, and they also check out the competition.

This might seem like a lot of work, and you're right, it is! But it can be done by professionals and there’s no better way to show your audience how serious you are about serving them quality than by providing a strong brand and effective design on their first (and every) interaction with you!

Good First Impressions

Effective design can improve conversion rates and it’s a good first impression that makes the conversion possible in the first place.

The first time consumers interact with your brand, they’re typically not going to be ready to buy —and that’s okay. With good design in place and a strong brand strategy you’re prepared for the long haul of making a lead into a customer. However, none of that matters if you make a bad first impression!

Take this finding for instance: it only takes 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website. Yeah, you read that right, 50 milliseconds! Most of that opinion is coming from the design.

In addition to nice aesthetics, good design incorporates fundamentals like usage patterns, cultural and audience preferences, proven psychological principles, and brand continuity. Without these things, consumers will have a harder time getting to know your business or connecting with and recognizing your brand. You need good design to ensure that the critical first impression you make on your audience is a strong and positive one. If they like what they see, they’re more likely to come back to you again and again.


As an entrepreneur, small business owner, or if you’re self-employed, it can often be hard to hand over one of your hats to someone else; after all, it is your business! But if you want to grow your business, you simply can’t afford bad design, thus you need to trust a professional designer. In the long run, you’ll save time and money with good design. Those designs will be more effective and conversion rates will increase, you’ll make a better first impression with potential customers, you’ll stand above the competition, and you'll have more time to focus on your business. In short, good design is good for business.

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