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Ottawa, Say Hello.

altitude is a quirky branding, visual communication, & logo design shop in Ottawa, Ontario.

With 10+ years of creative experience working with individuals, small businesses, & organizations; altitude crafts empathic Branding, tailored Logos & Identities, and functional Design at approachable price points.

Who Is altitude?

As an Ottawa branding and graphic design shop, altitude is the business side of Justin Prno, a brand strategist & graphic designer. After 11 years in the Canadian Army, 15 in the creative world, and 10+ years running altitude, Justin has extensive experience in branding & logo design, visual design, creative project management, and hole digging.

Although not all that experential & formal training comes in handy today (surely a hole will need to be dug in the future), the experiences help differentiate altitude in the creative marketplace.

If you are looking to make a concerted effort in propelling your brand, our Ottawa branding, logo, & graphic design shop is an excellent choice.

Bird Is The Word.

Justin Prno is open for media availability, lecturing, conferences, and panels on small business branding, graphic design for local businesses, and political branding.

If interested, please e-mail Justin.

Recent Engagements:
  • InterCOMM Conference, roundtable on branding, Mar. 2018
  • Interview on brands & the digital landscape, Feb. 2018
  • Lecture on political branding, Mar. 2017
  • Interview on affordable design for small businesses, Jan. 2017
  • Lecture on the creative design process, Nov. 2016

Our mission:

To boldy go...
To be the go-to destination of bespoke creative solutions for Ottawa's small businesses & organizations, while always remembering quality over quantity & relationships over transactions.

What sets altitude apart?

Today, creatives have more than enough tools & talent to do the job; however, just like design is more than art, a creative studio is more than just the end result. What propels altitude above the crowd are the core values of Community, Focus, and Curiosity.


Building Success Through Championing Others

altitude has a passion for Ottawa- it isn't just a city, it is our city. That's why we love local, when you're at your best, so are we.


Doing The Ordinary, But Doing It Extraordinarily Well

altitude prides itself on noteworthy attention to detail and only crafting creative solutions that are of the utmost quality.


Seeking Opportunities Of Fun, Intrigue, and Knowledge

altitude is always on the lookout for newfangled ideas & approaches, even if it means failing along the way.

How We Work.

Every project that altitude takes part in is unique, but the process that helps guide each one has been perfected and standardized over the past decade. Creativity absolutely needs freedom, but when specific end goals must be met, having a process to guide those creative juices in the proper area is beneficial for all involved.

There are many steps to get from your initial idea to completed project, but for ease of understanding we have clumped them together into three phases:


Before pencil meets paper, everything starts off by getting to know you, your brand, your market, and what challenges the project is intended to solve.
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This is where our creative juices really start flowing. Collaborative exercises and ideation generate concepts that express your project's core objectives.
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Here is where we sweat the details, ensuring that every element of your project is precisely tailored and pixel perfect before sending it out the proverbial door.
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Veterans Helping Veterans.

altitude is a veteran run business that loves helping other veterans start successful enterprises.

Get In Touch

Leaving the military is hard, whether at the end of 25 years or after one enlistment. The skills and experiences gained while serving will benefit you for the rest of your working career. The problem is that when Canadian veterans want to start a business their civilian business network may be small. Not to worry, altitude wants to help.

Whether you just need to run your idea by someone or are in need of some creative assistance, we would love to hear from you.

Mmm Coffee.

Our love of crafting evocative branding & functional design for Ottawa's residents is only matched by that of coffee, dad jokes, and wine gums. Yes, wine gums.

Thank You.

Without you, altitude is nothing. Over the years, having worked alongside a diverse stable of over one hundred organizations & people across a spectrum of industries, one thing is for certain: we love teaming up with the best & brightest for new opportunities.

Are you an Ottawa based creative or freelancer and are looking for work or to network? We'd love you to get in touch.

  • The Government of Canada
  • Care for Rare
  • The Avasant Foundation
  • TedX Kanata
  • The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • Coughlan Capital
  • CATA Alliance
  • Carleton University Students' Association
  • Your company here?

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